Redesign this


A week ago I wrote about how designers should not primarily be beauticians, but instead should be problem solvers. I also made a promise to myself that instead of just pointing at a problem I would do something proactive to combat it. I have there for created the ‘Redesign this’ series.

The Redesign this series will be posts about products which I have come across that I feel can massively benefit from some good UI and / or UX. I intend for this series to emerge as a tool that other designers can use in order to put their talents towards crafting products that are in desperate need.

At this point in time I am playing with two routes:
One being simply a basic library consisting of photos and or screenshots of the products which other designers can leverage, sort of along the paths of UX archive and Car UX
The second approach being a more fleshed out one which has more detail surrounding the individual product. Something along the lines of a design critique.

I will start with the latter as I feel it can be a more interactive and insightful approach which should hopefully allow for a better understanding of why that specific product needs a redesign.


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